Our Touristic Plans

  • Day Trip Tour at Giza Pyramids.

  • Amazing Nature and History in Aswan

  • The most beautiful underwater life.

  • live the History in Luxor

  • Safari with Camels in Dahab Sinai.

  • Enjoy the Basic life in Nuwiba Camps.


About us

Mazaya Travel is one of the leading tour operators in Egypt, providing comprehensive services to groups and individuals to and from the country.

We offer a lot of suitable plans for groups and individuals and we always strive to provide the best offers to our customers

Nile Cruise Trip at Royal Ruby

Amazing trip mixed between history and great nature of nile at Royal Ruby nile cruse from April 9th to April 12th

Secret Places


Luxor is a city on the east bank of the Nile River in southern Egypt. It's on the site of ancient Thebes, the pharaohs’ capital at the height of their power, during the 16th–11th centuries B.C. Today's city surrounds 2 huge, surviving ancient monuments: graceful Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple, a mile north. The royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are on the river’s west bank.